High School Equivalency® Test Prep

Students preparing for high school equivalency study Language Arts (Reading), Language Arts (Writing), Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics.  Using the Aztec Learning System, students are able to work autonomously  and benefit from a comprehensive and well-articulated curriculum, encouraging their motivation to learn.  Adult Education instructors are available to assist students as requested.  Many students in this program just want to improve reading, writing or math skills for career advancement, preparation for post-secondary instruction, or personal edification.

Adult Basic Education

The principal target population for Adult Basic Education (ABE) instruction is individuals who have less than a high school diploma (National Adult Literacy Survey Levels I or II).  Through one-on-one tutoring and small group instruction, Gaston Literacy helps individuals improve reading, writing, and conversational skills, compute and solve problems, and achieve goals for independent living.

Intake Process

All new students complete a formal intake, assessment and placement process.  The intake includes gathering information about the student’s background and previous educational experiences.  Formal assessment of a student’s existing abilities is achieved primarily through the use of State recommended, federally approved appraisals and level tests, but may also include learning difficulties screenings and curriculum placements or pre-tests/inventories.  The intake process also includes an individual orientation familiarizing the student with the council’s facilities, goal setting, and the setting of expectations regarding the student’s commitment and behavior.


Students utilize research-based curriculum designed for their particular functioning level and learning styles as well as “real life” contexts such as application forms, workplace curriculum, menus, maps, driver’s license books, blueprints, voter registration forms, etc.  

Computer Lab

The Connected Classroom is an interactive computer center and classroom for adult learners.  Technology is integrated into instruction to help students develop computer skills and learn how and why technology is used in the workplace and everyday life.  While improving basic literacy levels, students also acquire the ability to gather, assess, and make use of information from a variety of sources.

Through Career Exploration, individuals learn what skills/ certifications/ degrees are required in certain fields available in the local region and how to design pathways to their chosen occupation.  Individuals undergo Career Assessments and receive one-on-one assistance with resume development and job applications.  Clients may be referred to Gaston College to earn their CRC certificate.  Additionally, our students may be referred to appropriate JobLink partners for assistance with the job search and/or job training. 

All GLC students are encouraged to supplement their class work and individual tutoring with independent study in the computer lab.  Software programs including Omti-Rogers, Contemporary’s New Reader’s Bookstore, Pre-GED Interactive, Math Solutions, New Readers Press GED Practice 1120, and Rosetta Stone.   



Student Testimonial

Gaston Literacy Council, Inc. is committed to protecting the confidentiality of our students. With her permission, we are proud to share the ccomplishments of Joyce Dube who hopes her experiences will encourage others to embark on their own journeys towards literacy.


Joyce, a 59 year-old grandmother, was laid off from her job at a local manufacturing company.  Even thrugh Joyce had earned her GED® credential several years ago and had experience as a manager in her former job, her job search made her painfully aware that her basic skills in reading and math needed some serious brushing up.  

At JobLink, she found a variety of programs for people looking to improve themselves.  But despite her best efforts, she was growing more and more frustrated.  Said Joyce, “My self-esteem was so low I could have tripped on it! ... I needed help with the basics like reading and math and I couldn’t go to the college because I didn’t even understand how to fill out the paperwork to apply.”  

Eventually, she found help at Gaston Literacy Council.  Joyce enrolled in five Adult Basic Education courses and became one of Gaston Literacy’s most faithful students.  She felt she had found a place that is right for her.  “Everybody shows you respect here.  No one looks down on you, and classmates try to help each other. It just made me feel good.”

Now she is able to use some techniques she’s learned here to help her grandchildren with their reading.  She even helped her eleven year-old grandson with his math homework—a task that once would have intimidated her but she now enjoys.  She also told us of a well-deserved commendation she received from her youngest grandchild’s teacher.  “She said she wanted to shake the hand of the person who had taught him to read.  That made me proud.”

Basic Skills

Students in the Basic Skills program receive a combination of one-on-one tutoring by volunteers and small group instruction in Reading Basics, Reading Comprehension, Spelling and Writing, and Math Concepts led by staff.  Instruction is designed to help them achieve their personal goals such as reading the Bible, mail, newspaper, or basic workplace information.  They also want to be able to write personal notes and checks, and complete employment applications.


Adult Basic Education

“If I had known class would be as fun as it is, I would have started back to school a long time ago.”
~ Roger

“I have such good teachers here. You make things so easy to understand, and the best thing is I know that you care about me.”
~ Jane

I can read and spell a little better. I love my teachers and this school. I got a job. My boss works around my school schedule. God has answered my prayers. Thank you for being here for me.”
~ Denise


“…the classes and instructors were invaluable in helping me complete this (GED) process. I am most grateful. …it had been over 30 years since I was last in school, so I started the classes with much trepidation. I thoroughly enjoyed my classes with you at the Literacy Council. I really feel confident about my math skills now and know I can handle the classes I will be taking at Gaston College in the fall. We are lucky to have such a service for the people in this county.
~ Edward

“I’m learning here! I don’t feel dumb anymore. Now I believe I can do it, and I’m going to get my GED! I’m going to be a good role model for my sons.”
~ Margarita

“This place makes me feel like I can get my life back. Before when I tried to go back to school, I felt so far behind that I would never be able to understand and continue my education. You have to have an education here to get things done in life.”
~ Joseph