Signs of Illiteracy

Common things someone in need of literacy services might say or do are:

  • May I take that application home to fill it out and bring it back to you?
  • You read the work order and I’ll gather up the tools.
  • Could you fill this out for me?  I forgot my glasses.
  • I don’t like to read.
  • I didn’t bring my glasses.  Can you tell me what this says?
  • Fake a coughing fit and/or leave the Sunday School class or other assembly when it’s their turn to read.
  • May I take this test orally?  It makes my eyes burn to read.
  • I don’t need to write that down; I’ll remember it.
  • I lost my appointment card.  What time is my appointment?
  • Cannot read the appointment card and habitually shows up really early or too late.
  • I can see really well far away, but can’t make out anything up close.
  • Received a certificate of attendance instead of a diploma.
  • Always unable to find a pencil or paper when asked to take a phone message.
  • At a restaurant, “I’ll have what he’s having.”